Ute Hamelmann, Final Curtain - Performance

Final Curtain. My career as a Guerrilla Girl was short but exciting, but also not very successful. I couldn’t even get into a museum – dressed! Art has fixed rules and silos and structures, museums have fixed traditional rules and structures. No place for gorillas, even if they are cultivated, chicly dressed and studied history of arts for ten semesters. Now I’m becoming a normal person again – no worries: almost normal!

By the way: There is no finer place in Germany for the Final Curtain!


Ute Hamelmann Wochenrückblick
Ute Hamelmann, Wochenrückblick
Ute Hamelmann Wochenrückblick

Okay, weil ihr es seid, hier kommt mein fancy Wochenrückblick:
Montag: Home Office, Kinder, Pfannkuchen
Dienstag: Home Office, Kinder, Kartoffelsuppe
Mittwoch: Home Office, Kinder, Pizza
Donnerstag: Home Office, Kinder, Spinat mit Fischstäbchen
Freitag: Home Office, Kinder, Nudeln mit Tomatensauce

Diese tollen Outfits habe ich am Freitag anprobiert. Danke am das Team vom @titus Outlet für die Ausstattung meines Wochenrückblicks. No Sponsoring.

Okay, because it’s you guys, here comes my fancy weekly review:
Monday: Home Office, Kids, Pancakes
Tuesday: Home office, kids, potato soup
Wednesday: Home Office, Kids, Pizza
Thursday: Home Office, kids, spinach with fish sticks
Friday: Home Office, kids, pasta with tomato sauce

I tried on these great outfits on Friday. Thanks to the team at @titus Outlet for outfitting my weekly review. No Sponsorship.



Trotz eines respektablen Kontingents an Freikarten, blieben viele Plätze unbesetzt bei der ersten Gorillalesung auf großer Bühne. Vielleicht hätte es ein ironisch gebrochener Titel getan oder Sekt und Handschnittchen als kostenlose Dreingabe.

Despite a respectable contingent of free tickets, many seats remained unoccupied at the first gorilla reading on a big stage. Perhaps an ironically broken title would have done the trick, or champagne and hand cutlets as a free bonus.